How To Lose Weight Naturally

how to lose weight naturally

Recent researches show that there is a rocketing percentage in the number of people suffering from excess body weight sometimes referred to as Obesity. About 35% of people in USA and 25% of people in the UK account for the rising figures with the the trend steadily mushrooming in other continents like Africa and Asia.

So to what pleasure do we owe this treacherous competition? Are we amused by the risk of contracting diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and a range of other illnesses or are we just lazy to the extent of not being watchful enough on our weight? In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to lost weight naturally.


Excess weight is measured by a standard method called Body Mass Index (BMI). This method of measuring weight compares someone’s weight against height. A person with an index ranging between 25 and 30kg/m2 is considered overweight (pre-obese) and when it is greater than 30kg/m2, the person is declared obese. If our future generations are to survive this pandemic, then quick measures should be taken in terms of finding ways to lose weight naturally.


Proper diet is the number one method to lose weight naturally. Diet programs can also help in producing weight loss on a short term basis. However, doing away with excess weight quickly using this method is often challenging and often requires continuous exercising and diets that are low in calories as a lasting part of a person’s lifestyle. In this regard, natural weight loss here is done by eating food with low fats, low carbohydrates and low calories. Here is what a healthy diet should look like:


Eating to lose weight diet


We can also lose weight naturally through physical exercise. This is best done alongside the dieting programs. Healthy diet and consistent exercise are equally important to lose weight! Muscles usually utilize energy gotten from fats and glycogen so when engaging in exercises like running, the body fat is reduced.


There is also an increased use of weight loss programs where a person connects with other people who seek to lose weight naturally. In these programs, they eat specific types of food, do certain exercises and motivate one another towards achieving natural weight loss. We highly recommend you to join a weight loss program that can provide good guideline and knowledge that you need.


In severe cases of overweight, unnatural and unsafe methods like clinical protocols can also be used. This involves publishing of clinical practical guidelines to deal with the ever increasing cases of obesity. For some people, surgery is recommended. The use of anti-obesity drugs have also proven to be relatively helpful because most of them reduce a person’s appetite and fat absorption. However, patients have to be caution because some of the doctor-prescribed drugs have adverse side effects. As a matter of fact, these unnatural methods of weight loss are not highly recommended as good methods of weight management because they are very expensive and prone to some medical complications. Therefore,  you should stick to the naturally way to lose weight and avoid unhealthy practices that may be harmful to your body.


Health experts are working around the clock each day to come up with better and efficient methods for us to lose weight naturally. With such efforts, natural weight management will not only be made better, but many other avenues will be created to serve the millions of people who are seeking the safe ways of how to lose weight naturally.

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