9 Diets To Lose Weight Fast

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Anyone trying to lose weight should know that they are not alone. Overweight is now a huge calamity among most people all round the world. Almost everyone is trying to lose weight naturally. There are a lot of things one can do in order to lose weight but it should also be noted that losing weight so quick can be unsafe. Fasting, diet pills and Fad diets may be helpful to reduce couple of pounds but at the same time cause brutal health complications. On the other hand, if you are healthy and determined to shed off some extra pounds fast, here are several tips and techniques you can adopt.


Fad Diets: The main purpose of any fad diet is to provide fast weight loss that can be noted almost overnight. Problem with these diets is that they are short term. Fad diets should not be extended for long otherwise you will serious harm your body. A healthcare provider should always be consulted before you can commence any weight loss program thus being sure that your body can withstand the extra strain. Below are the most popular fad diets together with simple instructions that will definitely result in fast weight loss.

The Water Diet: This diet entails drinking a total of about 8 cups of cold (Preferably refrigerated) water regularly in the course of the day.

The Juice Detox Diet: There are a variety of juice detoxification diets. They last for one to three days. Fruit and vegetable juices can be used on this diet. The juice is meant to get rid of toxins and reduce some pounds of water weight from the system.

The Lemonade Diet: In this diet, you only drink a special mixture of Cayenne pepper, Lemonade, maple syrup and water eachday.

Cabbage Soup Diet: When you are on this diet, you are entitled to losing up to ten (10) pounds in a week’s time. It involves a low fat and a high fiber intake. You feed on a special type of cabbage soup but moderate portions of some vegetables and fruits, a minimum of four glasses of water, occasional meat and a multi-vitamin a day can be incorporated in this diet. The diet should last for seven days. This kind of fad diet is not as a long term solution because it lacks nutrients.


There are other different ways to lose weight fast apart from Fad diets. They include:
Stop eating simple carbs, for example, sugar, most grains and flour. These foods cause your blood sugar to rise and insulin is released by the pancreas to convert all the excess sugar into fats. Instead, eat complex carbs like whole grains if you are looking to lose weight quickly.

Eat A Lot Of Green Vegetable and Fiber. Including fiber on your diet keeps your stomach full longer and this reduces hunger pangs. Besides, eating vegetables and a lot of fiber helps in stabilizing your blood sugar and this eliminates the lows and highs following eating.

Drinking Lots Water will also help you lose weight fast. This might sound obvious but drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday will help you shed off the excess weight. Sugar drinks and sodas should be avoided as they just add more calories to your body.

Eat five-six Meals Per Day. Large servings should be avoided so that you can lose weight fast. Believe it or not, eating small portions at regular intervals increases your metabolism and this helps you lose weight faster. The temptation to skip meals should be avoided. Skipping breakfast, for example, might make you eat more during lunch and this can also make you sluggish and lazy.

To lose weight quickly, exercise. Frequent workouts will make your body healthier. The importance of exercising in this process cannot be understated. On top of helping you lose weight fast, exercising gives you strength and stigma and improves your overall health. If all the above tips are applied, you are sure to lose weight quickly and get to your desired size.

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