Best Protein Powder Brand Review

The Best Protein Powder Brand Review

If you are building muscle to simply get in shape, or if you are preparing for some type of competition, it is essential that you are using the best protein powder that is available in order to maximize your results. Protein powder provide your body with the amino acids that it will need as it is rebuilding muscle as you are working out every day. Many people wonder what is and protein powder, and subsequently, which protein powder brand is actually the best. Here is a quick overview of what protein powder is, how it works, and then we will show you which brand is actually at the top of the list.

What Are Protein Powders?

Protein powders tend to come in three different forms. There are those that are based upon whey, casein, and soy. The most commonly used is whey protein, and is probably what you will find in most nationwide chain stores that sell protein supplements. The main reason for its popularity is not just the abundance of amino acids that it has, but the fact that it is water-soluble. You can put the powder in a glass, and mixing it up with the spoon, you are ready to drink it down before and after each workout that you do. Whey protein is also a complete protein powder. This simply means that you are getting access to all nine of the amino acids that your body needs in order to be healthy. Those that are vegans that would prefer not to use something based upon milk such as whey or casein protein powder will choose soy, however it does have a reportedly unpleasant taste.

How Do These Help Your Body?

When you do a workout, especially if it is a strenuous one, you are going to rip your muscles. This is how your muscles are able to build, and during the rebuilding process, they are going to need amino acids. These protein drinks are taken to supply the body with an overabundance of amino acids so that your muscles will have access to everything that they need to get bigger. However, they are also beneficial for people that are going through puberty, experiencing large growth spurts, where amino acids must be in place to handle these extensive changes. If you are just starting out a workout routine, whether you are running, weightlifting, or simply walking, you need to have extra protein as well. Your body will not be used to the exercise, and therefore it will demand extra nutrients, and protein drinks are a great way to deliver them. Finally, if you are doing professional bodybuilding, recovering from an injury, or if you have decided to cut all meat out of your diet because you are now a vegan or a vegetarian, protein drinks can definitely help you out. Now let’s look at the top protein powder brands to see which one will actually be the best for you.


This is a company that is known for producing high quality protein powders. One of their best known is a whey protein called NytroWhey Ultra Elite. It contains both hydrolysate and isolate proteins, and also has leucine peptides, a combination that is known for jumpstarting incredible growth. It is perfect for both beginners that are just starting out, and people that are trying to maximize their gains. Best of all, it mixes very easily with water because it is whey protein, and has received high praise for its incredible taste.


This is probably the most well-known name in the supplement industry, especially for those that are trying to build muscle mass. They have come out with many products in the last few decades, but the best whey protein product that they currently have is the Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60. It has all of the amino acids that you will need, and also has leucine, isoleucine and valine. These are designed to make sure that you have plenty of BCAAs that will not only improve your performance while you are working out, but also accelerate your recovery time.


If you are looking for a protein powder drink that has whey peptides, and also whey protein isolates, plus a healthy dose of creatine, their NitroTech product is exactly what you need. Additionally, it only contains 1 g of sugar which is going to make sure that you do not add on any additional adipose cells to keep your body lean. It is said to help build 70% more lean muscle than simply taking regular whey protein, and that is because of the addition of these extra ingredients. It helps with performance, strength and also recovery, and is at the top of the list when looking at all of the MuscleTech products.

Which Protein Powder Brand Is Best?

Based on all of the reviews, it simply depends on what you are looking for if you need a whey protein powder. Whether you choose to use ProSource, GNC or MuscleTech products, all of them are going to help you accelerate your ability to build muscle mass and also recover. The main differences are the additional ingredients that are used which can help with performance, and each one is designed to speed up your recovery. However, if you are looking for a protein powder that will also guarantee lean muscle mass because of a minimal amount of sugar, MuscleTech with NitroTech would be the best choice.

In conclusion, you never know which protein powder is actually going to work best for you until you actually give them a try. Each person has a completely different metabolism, as well as different weightlifting goals, so each one will work slightly differently for each person. It is recommended that you tried the best products provided by these companies, all of which are reputable. Whether you decide to try our recommendation, or you decide to use something from GNC because you are more familiar with that brand name, the results that you achieve will ultimately come down to the work that you put into your workout while using these highly recommended whey protein supplements.



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