How To Grow Taller Naturally : Things You Need To Know

How to grow taller naturally

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Many people wish to be taller. Being tall projects confidence: you fill clothes better, reach objects easier, and see better in an audience. There are times when it seems so clear that having a little more height would help not only your career, but improve your love prospects and general appearance as well.

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Perhaps you, like so many others, have inherited your shortness from your parents. While genes are sadly out of your control, there are some things you can do to be taller – or appear to be taller.

Generally, people stop growing after puberty as they reach their late teens. If this describes you, you may never be as tall as a catwalk model or Andre the Giant – but you needn’t feel self-conscious about your stature again if you follow these tried and true tips to grow taller fast, and naturally. Here are some of the tips on how to grow taller naturally:


Avoid the things that stunt y our growth – cigarettes and nicotine, drugs and alcohol, and malnutrition are all factors that will inhibit your body’s ability to increase its height naturally. And while caffeine does not stunt growth on its own, it may affect your ability to get a sound night’s sleep.

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Get enough sleep – when you lie horizontally on a bed or other surface, you undo the damage gravity has done to your skeletal structure during the day by letting your spine discs decompress. Rest also allows your body’s natural human growth hormone do its job. Eight hours of sleep is a good place to aim for, but you should never get less than six.



Watch your diet – it is important when you are looking to grow taller naturally that you ensure you get enough vitamins and minerals through your diet. Make sure that there is a healthy amount of protein, calcium, zinc and iron in the foods you eat – and that you are consuming enough daily calories for your age and gender. These nutrients will ensure you grow big and strong, while the calories will take care that you have the energy to do so. Also be sure to eat a large variety of fresh foods when possible and avoid heavily-processed meals.

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6 Proven Food To Grow Taller Naturally:

Stay hydrated – like many things, dehydration can negatively impact on your health – and your height. Staying drenched is good for your bones and your body in general. Experts believe you should try to drink between eight to ten glasses of water a day, but you should increase this number if you exercise.

Stay hydrated


Try stretching exercises – whether stretching merely improves your posture and makes you ‘appear’ taller, or whether it actually has some benefit on human growth, is yet to be seen. But there are thousands of stretching exercises to be found online for those wishing to try it. YouTube is a great resource for finding fitness videos which focus especially on “how to grow taller” videos. Set aside five to ten minutes each day and you will notice an improvement very soon.

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Breathe deep – we get taught how to speak, how to eat and even how to walk, but from the moment we are born nobody ever teaches us how to breath properly. Like many things, oxygen has an effect on your body’s growth and should not be underestimated. Breath deeply by drawing air through your nose into your diaphragm over two to three seconds. Exhale through your mouth over three to four seconds. Slow your breathing and focus on getting the air into your diaphragm – not shallow breaths into your lungs.

Keep Calm and Breathe Deep


Get enough daylightvitamin D is absorbed through careful exposure to the sun, and is responsible for bone and muscle growth – as well as having certain other benefits over mood and the human immune system. You might wish to get a vitamin supplement to make sure you are getting enough vitamin D every day.

Vitamin D


Straighten your posture – hold yourself tall and your spine will thank you for it. Hunching, slouching and a general poor posture affect the way your body grows as well as looks, so keep your shoulders back and your neck straight, and maintain a good posture even when sitting. You will look taller in no time!



Exercise – swimming, yoga and pull-ups all work to strengthen the muscles around your spine and therefore lengthen your body. The weightlessness associated with swimming reverses the pull of gravity while you are submerged, and gravity works to your advantage during pull-ups: lengthening your spine.

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Fake it ’til you make it – take care over your appearance. Shoes, clothes and hair can all help you appear tall. While women can wear heels to enhance their height, men can wear inserts in their shoes – which are a lot subtler. Vertical stripes or dark clothes also add the illusion of height, and slimming down through exercise makes you appear taller still. Take care not to diet, however- this could just as likely stunt your growth. Finally, adding volume to your hair can give you that extra couple of inches that you crave!

Stay Positive and eat healthy


Consult a doctor – if all else fails, maybe diet and rest are not what your body is missing. A doctor can check you over for conditions that may be affecting your body’s growth, such as a hormone deficiency. They may also be able to recommend a particular line of vitamin supplements.

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