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One thing that many people wish for is to grow up tall, which can lead to frustration when the height chart does not move at the doctor’s office. While there are many different things that can influence your height, you need to be aware that not all of them are out of your control. Of course, you cannot do anything about the genetics with which you were born. However, you can make changes in your lifestyle that will help you to maximize your height potential.



One of the things that you can eat regularly that is really good for your body and that will help you to grow tall is eggs. You should eat three of them each day in order to get the essential protein and other nutrients that are in eggs that will help your body to have the needed building blocks to grow strongly. You can cook them any way that you like. However, you decide to cook them, use cooking spray rather than oil if you are concerned about sticking.

You can eat the eggs with any meal, and in any combination that you like. For instance, you can have two scrambled eggs for breakfast and one hard-boiled egg sliced into a salad at lunch time. It does not matter, as long as you eat three of them each day.


You should drink at least sixteen ounces of milk each day. One of the reasons that milk is so helpful in helping you to reach your full height potential is that it is loaded in calcium. This nutrient is essential to keeping your bones strong and healthy. During the years that they are forming, having sufficient calcium is vital to make sure that they grow as long and healthy as genetically intended.

Not only is the calcium in milk important for the health of your bones, it also contains vitamin D and vitamin B-12. These nutrients are a part of your bone and overall health as well. Make sure that the milk you are drinking has been properly supplemented with these vitamins. If you are concerned about the amount of calories from fat that are found in milk, you can drink reduced fat milk or even fat free.


Another dairy product that will boost your height is yogurt. It has all of the nutrients just discussed regarding milk plus some added benefits. For instance, yogurt can be taken more easily on the go and has live cultures that can help to regulate your digestive tract. This will allow you to process all of your food more efficiently and to get all of the nutrients from them.

One thing that is important to note if you are eating yogurt is that you should get the kind that does not have any added sugars. If you like fruit in your yogurt, purchase it fresh and add into your daily serving rather than buy it from the store with fruit already added. Those products have more sugar than fruit in them.


Spinach is one of the best foods out there that you can eat for many different reasons, including to help you make sure that you reach your full height potential. It is filled with nutrients and is considered by many in the nutrition industry to be among the superfoods that people should consume regularly for good health.


If you are still growing, you should eat spinach at least several times each week. There are several ways that you can add it into your diet, including in your salad each day. You can also use it to replace lettuce in many of your favorite meals, such as tacos. If you enjoy making smoothies, you can toss a handful of spinach into many recipes without altering the flavor much but providing an excellent nutritional boost.

Eating these foods can really help your body to have the tools needed for your maximum height and health potential. In addition to the foods that you eat, there are some behavioral changes that you can make that will also help you to become as tall as possible.

The most important thing is that you need to keep your spine stretched and flexible. Hanging upside down or doing certain yoga poses can help you to accomplish this. However, make sure that you practice care if you decide to undertake any new type of exercise.

If you are concerned about reaching your maximum height potential, then you should speak to your primary care physician regarding what options are available to you. Eat these foods regularly and follow all of the suggestions given to you by the medical community. This will allow you to become tall and confident as you reach your adult years.


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