Why Diet And Nutrition Are So Important

Importance of Diet and Nutrition


Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? It’s true. The choices we make at each meal impact on our health, and determine how we feel and look. Food choices show in our skin, our hair, our weight and our teeth and gums. It can be seen in the way we move. These choices are on display invisibly, inside us, in the way our organs function. Though you may never see these organs, the importance of diet and nutrition on your body and wellbeing cannot be understated.


Diet and nutrition are vital to your health. They are the most important things you can invest in to ensure a long, full life. Eating right gives your body the tools it needs to stave off disease, maintain your optimum weight and feel good. Many people around the globe suffer from unhealthy eating habits, and this impacts negatively in a whole range of areas. By recognizing the importance of diet and nutrition, you can be active and strong, live well, and feel good.  Here are some ways a healthy diet and proper nutrition can benefit you and your body.



Maintaining a healthy weight

One third of citizens of the United States alone have been diagnosed with obesity, and almost one in five children are similarly suffering. By recognizing the importance of diet and nutrition, your risk of becoming overweight is severely lowered. Following a proper diet and getting plenty of exercise will ensure you are the size you are meant to be.

Inversely, people who are underweight may benefit from getting more nutrients and increasing their portion sizes through a strict, careful diet. No matter what your size is, a healthy diet will mean you are able to control your weight without fasting or depriving your body of the food it needs.


Looking after your heart

Following a sensible diet is critical for those wishing to avoid heart and artery diseases. Eating foods that are high in fat can block your arteries and cause your cholesterol levels to skyrocket. This can be fatal – but it can be avoided. You can lower your chances of strokes, heart attacks and disease by eating healthy fats instead of saturated fats. The healthy fat found in avocados and nuts is the kind you should be consuming regularly.


Controlling blood sugar levels

Eating too many foods which are high in sugar, like white breads and soft drinks, can spike your body’s levels of blood sugar. Over time this can lead to various problems such as Diabetes, rotten teeth and even sugar addiction. Complex carbohydrates are what you should be eating to help regulate and reduce the blood sugar levels in your body.


Boosting your immune system and preventing disease

Nutrition and diet are two of the key factors in determining whether you will be susceptible to certain illnesses and diseases over your lifetime. A healthy diet can lower your chances of many types of cancer and heart disease, as well as common ailments and infectious diseases. Take care of yourself by making sure you are eating enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. It is important to eat fresh food when possible, and avoid heavily-processed meals.



Have enough energy

We get energy from the food we eat. This gives us our ‘zest for life’. Without enough fuel, we are unable to partake in our day to day activities. While sugary foods may make you feel like you are having an energy spike, this is only short-lived and leads to feelings of tiredness as well as certain health problems. A diet which includes carbohydrates, fats and proteins, on the other hand, will give you the energy you need to live your life to the fullest. Consuming enough calories for your age, gender and weight group means that you will have the proper fuel to live your day to day life.


Looking after your body and meeting its changing demands

New born babies, pregnant women and the elderly are the most at risk groups when it comes to malnutrition and poor dieting practices. Children need different things than adults, such as diets higher in calcium, and seniors must also take special precautions over their diets as your ability to absorb certain minerals and vitamins decreases with age.

As well as the above, a healthy diet and proper nutrition can help you maintain healthy blood pressure, decrease your risk of developing kidney stones, keep your teeth and gums healthy as well as ensuring that your organs function properly. There are a myriad of benefits associated with keeping a healthy lifestyle and taking care with your diet and nutrition.


And finally…

The secret to good nutrition is not hard to remember. It is to always focus on variety, balance and moderation. Your body needs vitamins and minerals from many different types of foods, so ensure you eat a wide variety of fresh foods every day. Keep the right balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein in your diet to stay healthy, as these are the three main components of good nutrition. And finally, moderation! Too much overindulgence can lead to weight gain and illness. Too little intake of the things your body needs can mean you are not getting the nutrients you need to function. Keep a balanced, varied and moderated diet and you will understand the importance of diet and nutrition.

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