5 Ultimate Steps On How To Make A Girl Squirt

Female ejaculation or squirting can be produced by stimulating the G-spot. This idea of the existence of female ejaculation and the existence of the G-spot have been suppressed over a long period of time. However, many women suggest that there is not any existence of the G-spot. They have come up with this opinion because, whenever, when they put their fingers in their vagina, they do not get any sexual response.

This is unfortunately true that many women do not feel this sensitive area, when their G-spot is stimulated. One of the main reasons behind this is that, many couples go for the penetration, when the woman is not prepared mentally and physically or she is not sufficiently aroused. This is an essential aspect of women ejaculation because G-spot stimulation needs sensitivity of that part, which does not occur as a result of physical stimulation. Only emotional connection and gentle stimulation can increase the responsiveness of the G-spot.


How To Make A Girl Squirt?

Here is a step-by-step how to make a girl squirt guidance which is an easy and tested method to make your girl squirt.

Step-1: Create A Great Ambience

how to make a woman squirt

Setting the mood is definitely very important, as you will have to make her mind free of stress and worries, so that, she can focus on the sexual pleasure that she is going to receive. Make your place tidy and use some room freshener, so that, the room smells good. This will help her relax and she will be prone to orgasm. The light of the room should be soft (consider lighting candles) and you can even consider playing some light romantic music.

Step-2: Warm Her Up With Foreplay

how to squirt

You should use proper foreplay techniques in order to warm her up and make her feel excited. A proper foreplay usually takes around half an hour. You can start with a sensual massage, which is generally loved by all the girls, as it makes them feel great. You will specially require to concentrate on her erogenous zones and stimulate each of them. All these methods which have no such direct connection with ejaculation, play an important role in increasing the chances of squirting.


Step-3 Make Her Feel Relaxed

how to make her squirt

Try to communicate with her and help her to get rid of stress, any kind of mental block, self-image issues or any distraction that might stop her from achieving vaginal orgasm. So, take some time to make her feel absolutely relaxed. Do things to make her feel special, so that, it sets the mood for love making.

Now, put her in a proper position. One of the most common positions is to make the girl lay on her back, with are knees spread. This position will make the girl feel comfortable and will also help you to reach out to the G-spot and clitoris quite easily.


Step 4: Use Quality Lubricant For The G-spot

how to make a woman ejaculate

You should use a high quality water based or oil based lubricant to make her squirt. You will require to apply the lubricant on your fingers, palms, on both the outer and inner part of her vagina. Every part should be wet enough before you start to stimulate the G-spot.

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To start with, you should do oral stimulation for the first few minutes, concentrating more on the clitoris. This should be followed by the insertion of the middle finger in her vagina (keep the palm facing upwards). You will require to rub the front vaginal wall in a slow motion for some time and then include your ring finger as well. You can try out different techniques of fingering, like you can move them in a circular motion or try to press the area.

After doing this for some time, some liquid will build up in her Skene’s glands and thus, the front wall of her vagina should become more swollen. Now, you should be able to clearly figure out the G-spot, which is situated two inches deep in the upper wall of the vagina.

G spot

Continue to stimulate the area, until your woman reaches the highest level of arousal. After this whole procedure the G-spot should be really swollen inside. This will mean that the tissue surrounding the urethra is filling up with the ejaculation fluid.


Check out this video for how to find th G spot:


Step 5: Combine The Clitoral Stimulation With The Vaginal Stimulation

how to make a girl cum

In order to combine both the clitoral and vaginal stimulation, you will have to continue moving your middle and ring fingers together, but, with a changed position of the palm. You should form a cup shape with your palm, by placing it on her clitoris. This is the best position to give her the G-spot strokes. Now, you should also put your lubricated palm, to provide stimulation to her clitoris. Slowly increase the speed of the movement of your hands, but, do it rhythmically.

If this procedure is followed perfectly, then this should make her squirt. This is one of the greatest pleasure that a woman can get in her whole life. In order to make her squirt more, you can try to give pressure in her public bone area. This will allow her to get the grip and will help to squirt more easily.

However, communicate constantly with her to know which movements are giving her the best feeling. She might feel like peeing once the liquid builds up in the urethra. She should not resist it in anyway, as if she controls this, it will stop her ejaculation. Just make sure to not rush things, as this should be a slow and natural process. She will need to reach her highest point of arousal for her ejaculation.

Female Ejaculation Video : What it feels like how to make her squirt!

If you followed all the above mentioned steps and even then she is not squirting, you need not worry. Sometimes it does require more than one attempt to achieve the success. So, repeat the procedure of stimulation till she gets the ejaculation. You have to be patient with this process, if you are looking to achieve the ultimate result.

In many cases, women get carried away with a powerful orgasm and fail to notice the fluid that is coming out of her body. However, the amount of fluid varies largely from woman to woman. No matter how much of the fluid is coming out, you can surely be successful in giving her the pleasure.


Bonus Video: How To Make Your Girl Squirt – The G Spot Orgasm Explained


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