8 Exercises On How To Make Your Dick Bigger Without Spending Any Money

It is undeniable that having a big penis will generally boost any man’s confidence, even if the only person who actually sees it is his spouse. It is this fact that has led many people to try to improve their penile sizes through surgery and other expensive procedures. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can improve your size without having to break the bank.

Size Does Matters!!!

Penis size does matter

Below are tips on how to make your dick bigger without spending any money.


The Jelqing Method

The Jelqing Method
For this technique, you will need to ensure that your dick is at least partially erect. If you do it with a flaccid penis, you won’t experience any gains whereas if you do it with a fully erect penis, you may end up injuring yourself.

Start by lubricating the partially erect penis well. Wrap your forefinger and thumb around the base of your dick to form a complete circle. Then slowly pull your hand away towards the tip while keeping the fingers firmly wrapped around the shaft. When the fingers are about to reach the tip, wrap your other hand around the base and pull towards the first hand. Continue this cycle and stop when you feel any discomfort.

This technique traps blood in the shaft of the penis and uses it to stretch it from the inside. When you begin using this technique, stick a few repetitions, and increase them gradually.


The Backwards Method

This technique is a bit intense, so you will need to be extra careful not to injure yourself. Here you will attempt to stretch the skin of your penis backwards to give you a straight and fuller erection. First, use any two fingers to pull the skin of your erect penis backwards towards its base. As you pull the skin back, use the remaining fingers to support the penis in a straight line. Once the skin becomes tight, hold it firmly for about 10 seconds. Repeat the process for about 5 minutes to complete a single session.

It is advisable to hold the skin for only 10, not more. Due to the aggressive nature of this technique, you only need to do it once a day. In case you develop any tenderness, skip a few days to let it heal properly.

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The Circular Rotation

Here you’ll start by holding the base of the penis with one hand and pushing it outwards. Hold the shaft just below the head with the other hand and firmly pull it outwards. Use both hands to pull the shaft outwards while gradually twisting it clockwise. Hold that position for about 40 seconds and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction to complete one session. You can repeat this exercise about five times every day depending on your preference.


The Thumb Stretcher

Here you will need to use both hands. First, hold the tip of your dick between your thumb and forefinger while being careful not to cause any discomfort to yourself. When in place, press the thumb of your other hand firmly against the base of your penis. Firmly pull the thumb away from the base towards the tip so that you feel your manhood stretching to it maximum length. Once the thumb reaches the tip, hold that position for about 13 to 15 seconds. You can take a few seconds’ break and repeat the process for about 5 minutes.

Do this exercise about twice every day, say, once in the morning and once in the evening.

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The Opposite Pull

This technique is also a bit aggressive but very effective. Start by holding the base of the flaccid penis between your thumb and forefinger. With the other hand, hold the other end of the penis just below the head (This is to avoid any bruises). Pull the shaft in opposite directions until you feel a stretch. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and then release it gently. Repeat this exercise as you attempt to stretch it further with each repetition.


This technique uses the same principle as in bodybuilding. Stretching the penis creates microscopic tears that your body repairs by adding more tissue. It is important to stretch the shaft gradually in order to avoid any injuries. The aggressive nature of this technique means that you only need to do it only once every day for about 5 minutes. In case you develop any discomfort, take a few days break to allow for proper healing.


The Ultimate Stretcher

This is a simple yet effective method you can use at home to add inches to your penis. Here, all you need to do is follow a few steps to stretch out your penis when it is flaccid. Just as any other part of your body, your penis responds to stress and adjusts itself accordingly to accommodate it. To perform this technique, hold the head of your dick between your thumb and fore finger while being careful not to bruise it or cut off blood circulation. Stretch it out in front of you until it reaches its maximum length. When you can’t stretch it any further, hold it that way for about 20 to 30 seconds. Release it gently and then repeat the stretch. You can do this for about 8 to 13 minutes every day depending on your target.

When stretching the penis you can also try pulling it towards different directions such as downwards, upwards, left, right, etc to maximize the effect. While the changes will take a couple of weeks to show, the results usually vary among individuals.

The Kegels

The Kegels works well with either one of the above-mentioned techniques. Here you will attempt to gain better control of your erect penis using your Pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle controls the flow of urine from the bladder. Start by identifying the Pubococcygeus muscle. You this by stopping and releasing your urine flow intermittently. Once you’ve gained better control of the muscle, you will need to train it regularly to increase its strength. Just as you would train any other muscle in your body, contract and release this muscle to build its strength. Start by contracting it about 25 to 30 times daily in a single session and progress, as it gets stronger.

Apart from increasing the flow of blood and allowing your dick to heal after other exercises, this technique will push your penis outwards at the base to make it longer and more exposed. This technique will also allow you to control your orgasm and eliminate premature ejaculation.

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The Weight Lifter

Just as some of the above techniques, this one also uses an aggressive method to stimulate penile growth. Due to its nature, you should only perform it on a flaccid penis.

Attach a specially made weight to the end of the shaft just before the glans and let it hang freely. The weight will tag at the penis continuously to stimulate growth. For obvious reasons, it is advisable to perform this technique after consulting your doctor.
You can use either one of the techniques above individually, or you can combine two or three to maximize your results. The gains you make will be gradual, so be patient and perform the sessions diligently. In case you experience any pain or discomfort, stop the exercise and let your penis heal completely. Since different people get different results from the exercises, try all techniques to find the one that works best for you.

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