7 Healthy Drinks That You Need

healthy drinking tips

When trying to be a healthy person, it is extremely important to make sure you are always hydrated. About 70% of your body is water, and it needs to be replenished regularly throughout the day. Usually when you become thirsty dehydration has already started to take a hold. Stave this off by drinking before you feel the need for it.

Making a choice to be healthy can be as simple as choosing the right beverage to drink to replenish lost fluids. You might be thinking to yourself, what is a healthy drink? While water is the obvious choice, there are a few other beverages you can drink for health and vitality.


Water is the very best choice for quenching your thirst. Experts recommend that you drink two litres of water every day. This equates to about eight glasses for an adult human. While you can substitute this for other drinks, such as the ones you can see below, water is the best, purest healthy drink you can have. It keeps your body well hydrated and your organs – most especially kidneys – working efficiently.  Try adding a slice of lemon to your water to improve the taste! If you do not live near safe drinking water, buy bottled water instead or try some of these other options for healthy drink.

You will need to drink more than the recommended eight glasses if you are experiencing hot weather or if you are working out. Fluid consumption is very important if you are exercising. You will also need to drink more if you have consumed a lot of salt.


Unsweetened fruit juice is another excellent source of hydration for your body. It contains vitamins as well as tasting great, and the unsweetened kind means that there is no added sugar. There is a huge variety available. Check your local supermarket for apple, mango, orange, pineapple or even watermelon juice – or make your own! Cranberry juice and tomato juice both have extremely beneficial qualities if you can stand the taste.


Every mammal drinks milk from birth. It is one of the best ways to give your body calcium, which is important for bone growth and repair. A third of the recommended daily intake of calcium in an adult can be procured from just a single cup of milk. It is also frequently fortified with vitamins that you need to be healthy – check the packaging to see if yours has these nutrients.

4Soy milk

Soy milk isn’t for everyone. Some people may have a family history of breast cancer, and the phytoestrogens in soy milk can lead to an increase in risk. Other people simply don’t like the taste. But soy milk is very good for you when you find it safe to drink, and enjoy the taste. It lowers your body’s risk of heart disease, provides fiber and protein, and best of all – it comes to you without harming any animals! Try it plain or with vanilla or chocolate flavoring.

5Coconut water

Coconut water is a miracle drink! It is consumed all over the world for its amazing healthy benefits. It comes from young green coconuts, and is clear in color – unlike coconut milk, which is white. Coconut water is extremely health for the body and it’s sweet and refreshing to drink too. It’s packed with electrolytes which do your body good. Drink it straight from the coconut or buy it in bottle form from your supermarket.

6Ginger beer (fresh)

A somewhat unlikely choice, ginger beer is a non-alcoholic drink that fizzes like soft drinks. It is made from a mixture of sparkling mineral water, lime juice and fresh ginger. The ginger provides extra nutrients, while the lime juice adds an extra kick many find enjoyable. Doesn’t that sound like a great healthy drink?


Tea is amazing. It tastes great, it’s a social custom, and it can even help prevent disease. The antioxidants found in tea make it a wonderful choice for people looking to enjoy a healthy drink. Taken with milk, it gives your body calcium too. Tea improves your mood and focus, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. It is very versatile, which is why so many different cultures like to drink it.

Green tea is also very good for you, increasing mental alertness and reducing a certain type of cholesterol. It is also very rich in antioxidants, and makes a very good replacement for coffee.


Drinks to have in moderation

As well as being very expensive, alcohol and coffee work as diuretics, meaning they actually flush liquid from your body instead of keeping it hydrated. Soft drinks and sports drinks should also be ingested with care, as they contain a lot of sugar which can be harmful. Sports drinks are alright if you are an athlete looking to replenish carbohydrates, but if you do not exercise regularly they are just empty calories. Energy drinks should also be avoided, because as well as having extreme amounts of sugar in them, they actually raise your blood pressure.

By taking care to drink only healthy drinks, your body will thank you and you will be able to indulge in other areas of your life! In moderation, of course. Make sure you continue to keep your body hydrated with plenty of fluids and you will feel better and enjoy a greater wellbeing overall.

Picking Healthy Drinks


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