Structured Sprinting – A Great Cardio Exercise You Should Consider

Cardiovascular activity (cardio) is important for those who are trying to improve their health and maximize what their body has to offer. There are a number of benefits that come along with cardio exercises, but this does not mean you are going to always choose the right one. There are some exercises that are going to stand out in comparison to the rest and you have to make the right choice as soon as possible. So, which one should you be going with? One of the best cardio exercises you will ever find will come in the form of structured sprints. Let’s take a look at what these are all about and why they are so valuable as an exercise.

1What Are Structured Sprints?

Let’s begin by taking a look at what these sprints are all about for those who are unsure. Structured sprints are basically timed sprints. This means you are going to be sprinting (preferably in a straight line) for a set amount of time.

Beginners are generally going to be able to sprint for 15-20 seconds before tiring out. Remember, when you are sprinting, you are going to be running with as much as you can give in terms of energy output.

You are not going to be cutting corners in this regard. These sprints are going to be done in sets. So, you will sprint for 20 seconds then rest for a minute. You will then repeat the exercise and continue this cycle until you get tired and can’t sprint any longer.

The goal is to maximize your heart and really give the body what it requires in terms of cardio work.

What about those individuals who can’t even sprint a little bit and are afraid of getting injured? It is always best to stretch beforehand in order to maximize the chances of staying safe. Along with this, you have to make sure you are doing as much as you can with full exertion. If this means you have to jog quickly then that is the direction you will go in. It is all about the person and what is needed to help reach full exertion for a set amount of time. Whether this comes from sprints or by speed walking, it is up to the person and they will know best.

2Quick Results

What is the reason to go with this over some of the other options you might have in front of you? It all begins with the fact, you are going to get quick results by going down this path. You are not going to need to wait in order to start seeing proper results.

You will shed weight and your body is going to start feeling livelier as well because of these workouts. Sprints are taxing at the time, but are wonderful in the long-term because of how the body is maximized.

This is important for those who are unsure about what they are doing. Sprints are always a great place to start.

3Teaches The Heart To Work Hard

The heart is going to take a pounding with this exercise and that is the beauty of going down this route in the first place. Sprints are wonderful because you are going to work in short bursts. You are going to get your heart rate up and that is the goal with any cardio activity you end up doing.

If the heart rate does not go up, you are not using the right option and/or you are not pushing hard enough. Sprint like you mean it whenever you do structured sprints.

4Helps Metabolism

The reason you are going to love these sprints is your metabolic rate will go up. You are going to be churning through food and that is great for those who either want to eat a bit more and/or want to lose weight quickly. When your metabolic rate does not go up, you are going to have to pay for it through the lack of results.

Make sure your rate does go up with the help of quality sprinting because the results are going to come.

These are the reasons that structured sprints are a must for those who want to see an improvement in how they feel and look. These are something you can do anywhere and that is the beauty of choosing them over other options that require machinery. Those options are tough on the budget and the beauty of cardio is, you are not going to need equipment at all. Just get moving and that alone is going to reap rewards. Sprints can be done in a small field if that is all you have. The goal is to sprint and run hard. It does not get easier than this in the end.

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