16 Reasons Why Running is Good For Your Health

If you do feel as if you are not physically active enough? Maybe your physician has even warned you that is you do not begin exercising you will be at risk of developing certain conditions. Maybe you are looking for a new form of fitness? Perhaps you have tried many things only to find that after awhile you become easily bored and tired and your motivation is weakened.

Don’t give up! Maybe you should try running, if you have in the past why not take it up again? Everyone has different fitness needs depending on gender, age, size etc. consistent exercise is important. As far as running is concerned research has shown that a thirty minute jog five times a day is a great way to stay healthy and fit.

In this article we will discuss various reasons why running is so great for you and your health, here are sixteen of the main reasons you should take up running:

1Live Longer

There was a study conducted at the University of British Columbia in which premature death was reduced by twenty to fifty percent in people who ran an average of two miles a day. So if running is a way to lengthen and save your life would you not want to try running at least those two miles a day?

2A Boost To Your Cardiac Health

Even a modest yet consistent amount of running can greatly improve and maintain your cardiac health. Running can increase your good cholesterol aka HDL and lower your bad cholesterol aka LDL, it also brings down your blood pressure and helps improve overall cardiac functions.

Now if you have already been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease well the good news is that studies have shown that running at least sixteen miles on a weekly basis can deter the advancement of heart diseases and if you take on a twenty two mile run every week well the effects of your cardiovascular disease can be completely reversed.

3A Great Way To Drop Those Pounds

If you are looking to burn unwanted fat there is no better way to do so then by running. There is quite and easy formula to this; for every ten miles you run you lose one thousand calories. Simple enough no?

Running is a great alternative to any other form of vigorous exercise routines you have been trying and once you have gotten to your desired weight then you can continue to run, keeping the above mentioned formula in mind to maintain your weight level. Keep in mind that this does not give you a license to overeat or consistently indulge in unhealthy foods, any form of exercise including running will only work if it is accompanied by a balanced and healthy diet plan if you want to see any significant results.

4Enhances the Health of Your Bones

When you run your bones become more and more resistant, therefore they become stronger. Studies have shown that it is more effective for the health of your bones to run then to do aerobic exercise. The University of Missouri conducted a study in which cyclists and runners were compared, sixty three percent of the cyclists observed has low bone density in the hip bones as well as the spine, compare that to the mere nineteen percent of runners with the same conditions.

5Promotes Focus

Running is a great way to enhance your mental abilities. A study was conducted on a group of British workers which showed that on the days they had run their levels of concentration were higher, their mistakes were fewer and their levels of productivity were enhanced in comparison with the ways in which they did not run.

6Enhances Reproductive Health

Studies have shown that running is a great way to enhance and maintain a healthy reproductive system, this is especially true in men. The risk of erectile dysfunction has been shown to be reduced by as much as eighty three percent in men who run a minimum of five hours a week.

7A Great Way to Boost The Immune System

A study conducted in Sweden proved that those who run for at least one hour a day have an eighteen percent less risk of developing infections in the upper respiratory tract, this was of course compared to people who are inactive. So running can help boost the immune system.

8Get Rid of Your Sleeping Pills and Run For Your Sleep

If you suffer from insomnia I suggest you toss your pills and try running as a healthier alternative to getting your much needed sleep. Studies conducted on those suffering from insomnia showed that on the days they ran they were fast asleep in around seventeen minutes as opposed to the thirty-eight minutes it took them to fall asleep on the days they did not run. On the days they ran they were also able to sleep and hour longer then when they did not.

9Running is a Cancer Killer

Studies have shown that various forms of cancer can be prevented through running. Having high levels of activity like what is provided through running lowers the risk of both men and women to around thirty to forty percent of developing colon cancer. In women the risk of breast cancer is reduced by twenty to thirty percent and women who are already dealing with breast cancer found that their risk of recurrence was reduced by twenty six to forty percent thanks to running.

10A Great Way to Prevent and Cure Diabetes

Running around five miles a week not only prevents diabetes but can help cure type two diabetes. An inactive diabetic has a one point seven percent higher risk of dying prematurely than a diabetic who is an active runner.

11A Great Way to Relieve Stress

Let’s admit it, as much as we would all like to believe that we are able to control our stress on our own many times things catch up with us and we feel overwhelmed. Running is a natural way to relieve pent ups stress by helping to keep your mind fresh, alert and positive and this helps you be rid of stress.

12Maintains Balance in Your Body

Balance in our body is very important and running can help us maintain that balance. Wherever you run whether it is a trail, track road etc. you are likely to run into obstacles or hurdles such as a curb, stone, stick, dog, other people running, walking or strolling their child. These hindrances cause us to have to change speed, direction etc and can help us to maintain balance in our body as we maneuver around or over them.

13Great Way To Beat a Hangover

When you find that you may have overdone it on the drinks the night before don’t just lie there feeling miserable get up and run it off. Running will help you sweat out any toxins in your body, your body will feel revitalized and you will no longer feel tired and lethargic.

14Better Posture

Running as we mentioned above is a great way to lose weight but did you know that it also helps you to be more fit and therefore improves your posture? By helping you tone and develop a slimmer waistline you begin to be more aware of the position you put your body in and that helps you stand tall and maintain better posture throughout the day.

15Improves Your Vision

Studies have shown that runners have better vision, researchers have proven that those who run over thirty five miles a week are fifty four percent less likely to develop ocular degeneration than those who do not.

16It is Fun and Empowering

Running gives you a sense of power and strength like nothing else can, you feel like you can take on the world and it is fun to start and finish something. The more fun we are having and the stronger we feel the healthier we are. Although there are many reasons to run I believe that this last one is the most important of all.


Keep Running!

So there you have it, sixteen reason why running is great not only for your body but also your mind. A healthy body without a healthy mind is really useless. IT is important to be motivated mentally so that we can achieve what we set out to achieve with our bodies, being prepared mentally will help you start and complete the goals you set out to achieve physically.

Now if you are new to running or have not run in quite awhile remember to follow these steps. Always run with quality, comfortable shoes preferably designed for running so that your feet are protected. Make sure you keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Warm up for at least five minutes before running and cool off after your run has come to an end. Always inhale through your nose and exhale out your mouth. Other then that have fun and don’t give up!

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